Forum XXII: Realtors Making A Difference

Forum XXII Bellevue City Scape

Our Mission Statement

An alliance of experienced Realtors® whose mutual objective is to foster fair and friendly cooperation, exchange creative ideas, promote continuing education and focus on professionalism with an emphasis on Ethics.

Our Meetings are choreographed to include outstanding guest speakers, open forums on topical real estate subjects and market reviews. The interaction with and confidence in one another enables us to keep in touch with “What’s New?” and “What’s the News?”

Our positive demeanor has contributed to our individual successes in the real estate profession.  Our reputation for progressive attitudes will carry us well through the new millennium.  We hope to lead by exemplary behavior, and inspire by our actions.

Our Current Member Roster

Beth Billington
Christi Clark
Steve Curran
Rondi Egnes
Rick Franz
arry Gockel
Joyce Hardy
Steve Hiller
Steve Honnen
Shelly (Xiuping) Hu
Ruth Harle
Debbie Kinson
Csaba Kiss
Julia Krill
Lisa Lam
Judy Layton
Wendy Lister
Marcie Marxwell
Wendy Paisley
Bev Parsons
Pat Patt
Kathleen Powell
Kris Robbs
v Winningham
Lisa Whittaker

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